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At Stone Road Eye Care, we offer a wide selection of contact lens brands from the top lens manufacturers at reasonable prices. We have Daily Disposable, Bi-weekly and Monthly lenses available in stock. Regular contacts, astigmatism, and bi-focal contact lenses are available to suit your needs.


Contact Lens Fitting Services

As part of our contact lens fitting services, we work with you to determine the contacts that are best suited for your prescription and day-to-day activities.


Contact Lens Teach

If you are interested in trying contacts for the first time, come in to our offices for a contact lens teach where our staff will instruct you on how to insert and remove your contacts successfully and demonstrate proper lens care. 


Lens Supplies

Proper care of your contact lenses will assist in preventing eye infections. We offer a one-stop shop for the necessary lens supplies including eyedrops and contact lens solutions. 

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. We work with you to find lenses best for you and your lifestyle. If you are not happy with your contact lenses we will exchange and refit you into different lenses.


  • FREE exchange of unopened boxes of disposable contact lenses if your prescription changes. 


  • FREE replacement of damaged or ripped disposable lenses.


  • Expert advice from experienced doctors and knowledgeable staff who are available 6 days a week.


  • Contact lens check-ups by an eye care specialist are included in the fitting fee.


  • Follow-up visits to ensure your eyes stay healthy.


  • Convenient in-office inventory of most contact lenses and contact lens solutions available right after your exam.


  • Contact lens solutions at savings better than pharmacy or other grocery store discounts.


  • We will inform you of any manufacturer's rebates available.


  • Reminder by phone or email of your annual eye health evaluation to ensure many years of successful vision.


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